Clint's first marriage was to "Maggie"

Margaret Neville "Maggie" Johnson
DOB: Oct. --, 1931 - Alhambra, CA
(Married Dec.19 1953 - Pasadena, CA - Divorced 1978 - Los Angeles, CA)

Maggie Johnson, who had been born, and raised, in the Los Angeles community of Alhambra, was the perfect example of the famous "California Girl". The pretty young daughter of a railroad engineer was a leggy, natural blond, a Southern California beauty who not only loved sports and the beach, she'd worked as a swimsuit model for California's famed Jantzen Swimsuits.

When Maggie was accepted to the University of California, Berkeley, the pretty teenaged student left her parent's Alhambra home, for a new life as a "sorority girl" on the renown UC campus. The popular coed was nearing graduation when she first met Clint on a blind date during the early months of 1953. Clint had just been discharged from the U.S. Army, after a 'tour of duty' served entirely at nearby Fort Ord, in Monterey, California.

The good looking young pair 'hit it off' immediately, and many dates followed. In addition to their mutual physical attractions, they soon found they shared many common interests, first & foremost, their mutual passion for
Jazz Music, as well as a healthy lifestyle, the beach, and most outdoor sports. Maggie would tell her longtime girlfriend from home, and now, sorority sister, Barbara Sands, that her "husband-to-be looked a little like Guy Madison".

One can only imagine what Clint, the former lifeguard, soldier, lumberjack, piano player, and full-time "ladies man", reported on his relationship with Maggie.

He has stated much later that, other than the obvious, he was most attracted to Maggie's inner qualities: a self awareness, her supportive nature, and methodical approach to her life.
- These are the qualities that would help transform this directionless 23 year old ex-soldier, lifeguard, with nothing but the GI Bill, and healthy good looks, into the world renowned actor, director, producer, musical artist, and film score composer, the former Mayor of Carmel, California,

Maggie had planned to move back to Southern California right after her graduation from Berkeley.
She wanted to return to her old friends, her family, and hopefully, better career opportunities; for both herself, and her handsome, well-built, new boyfriend.
Naturally, Clint would tag along with his new Berkeley Graduate. Not only was she a pretty, well-built blond, who was a lot of fun, loved the beach, and outdoor sports, SHE LOVED JAZZ, maybe as much as he did. Plus, she was driven, and had a plan.
Why not see what was available in LA. He didn't have anything else going, other than his GI Bill, which he planned to utilize for its educational benefits. It would pay enough to cover his college expenses, so he figured he'd try enrolling at
Los Angeles City College, to take some music, or business classes.

The young couple moved to Los Angeles immediately after Maggie graduated, and Clint first found them a home in Beverly Hills, when he (briefly) managed a small apartment building, at 427 S. Oakhurst Dr. It only paid $30.00 a week, but the rent was included.
With Maggie working, Clint could go to school, and look into these Hollywood acting possibilities that his Army buddies suggested.
In less than six months,

Maggie and Clint married on December 19, 1953 in South Pasadena, California.
They asked a Congregational minister,
Reverend Henry David Grey,
   to perform their wedding ceremony.                                                     
The indigent, yet eager, young newlyweds honeymooned for a couple days, back up north,
"Carmel By The Sea", California.







The Eastwood's duties as Managers at the Oakhurst Apartments included Maggie handling the paperwork, while Clint performed general maintenance tasks, repairs, etc. To supplement the weekly $30.00 salary, Clint found a job pumping gas at a nearby Signal Oil gas station which paid $2.00 hr. The station happened to be located on Santa Monica Blvd., right across the street from the Hollywood 'unemployment office'.   "Coincidence" ?

After Clint enrolled at Los Angeles City College for the 1954 Fall semester, the robust young couple did their best to meet friends in the "entertainment business", while devoting as much time as possible enjoying Southern California's many beaches. They spent most of their time at 'SoCal surfer favorites', especially the sunny southern beaches at San Clemente, and San Onofre.

By September, Clint was attending his classes at LACC, and he began to realize that a career in acting was more attractive than sitting in Business Classes. What he enjoyed most at LACC, was when he managed to get an unpaid position at the college as a student DJ  for the school's local radio station.

When it was time to leave Beverly Hills, the Eastwoods moved 'over the hill', to the San Fernando Valley, to be closer to the Hollywood studios. A few of their new friends had recommended an apartment building called the "VILLA SANDS".  
It was known for both having a full-sized swimming pool, as well as being filled with aspiring actors, and 'wanna-be' actresses.
Best of all, its Arch Drive location, just off Ventura Blvd., was within walking distance of Universal Studios, where Clint would be working. Not to mention, also close to the Valley's most popular Jazz Club,
"The Baked Potato".
{ poolside Villa Sands
note Clint & Maggie - Note Red "X"}

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{Alison, Maggie, Kyle, Clint}  

The pair had two children together,
Kyle  - May 19, 1968 
Alison -  May, 22, 1972.

Maggie, Kyle, Alison
 - 2006 -          




 Divorce - LA !978

Maggie married Henry Wynberg on April 6, 1985 on the Big Island of Hawaii, at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. The Hawaiian outdoor sunset ceremony was performed by Reverend Walter Frutiger.

Her second marriage was short, the couple divorced in Aug. 1989.





APRIL 9, 1964 - MADRID




1st Day in Rome
Roof (Res?)   PALACE HOTEL              




40th Birthday w/Sonia Chernus next to Maggie

KITTY JONES' WEDDING - {left}  Clint & Maggie







Maggie married Henry Wynberg on April 6, 1985 on the Big Island of Hawaii, at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. The Hawaiian outdoor sunset ceremony was performed by Reverend Walter Frutiger.

Her second marriage was short, the couple divorced in Aug. 1989.


 "They say marriages are made in Heaven. But so is thunder and lightning."

Clint about Maggie: "I've been married to the same chick for 17 years. I'd better check my pulse. She's lived through all the changes in me, and she hasn't thrown me out, so I think I'll hang around."
Source: Clint Eastwood: Interviews, by Clint Eastwood, pages 5-6.

Clint about his marriage to Maggie:
"... [Maggie] had to learn I was going to do as I pleased."